During youth or at some spiritual moment in our adult life we may question do angels exist?

Maybe as a child we heard angels mentioned in nativity plays or as adults during difficult times we may often contemplate the possibility that a guardian angel had watched over us

Whatever our intake on the existance our beliefs are what see us through in life. We may know someone whom whole heartedly believes in them yet we are a total sceptic, thats ok! atleast you are here and willing to see through the eyes and beliefs of others that angels exist


I See Only The Past.

This idea is particularly difficult to believe at first.  Yet it is the rational of all the preceding ones.  

  • It is the reason why nothing that you see means anything.
  • It is the reason you have given everything you see all the meaning that it has for you.
  • It is the reason you do not understand anything you see.
  • It is the reason why your thoughts do not mean anything, and why they are like the things you see.
  • It is the reason why you are never upset for the reason you think.
  • It is the reason why your upset because you see something that is not there.
Old ideas about time are very difficult to change, because everything you believe is rooted in time, and depends on your not learning these new ideas about it.  Yet that is precisely why you need new ideas about time.  The first time idea is not really so strange as it may sound at first.

Look at a cup, for example.  Do you see a cup, or are you merely reviewing your past experiences of picking up a cup, being thirsty, drinking from a cup, feeling the rim of the cup against your lips, having breakfast and so on?  Are not your aesthetic reactions to the cup, too, based on past experiences?  How else would you know whether or not this kind of cup will break if you drop it?  What do you know about this cup except what you learned in the past?  You would have no idea what this cup is, except for your past learning.  Do you, then, really see it?  Look about you.  This is equally true of whatever you look at.  Acknowledge this by applying the idea for today indiscriminately to whatever catches your eye.  For example:  

I see only the past in this pencil. Read More

Lesson 6

I Am Upset Because I See Something That Is Not There.

The exercises with this idea are very similar to the preceding ones.  Again, it is necessary to name both the form of upset (anger, fear, worry depression and so on) and the perceived source very specifically for any application for the idea.  For example:

I am angry at -----------because I see something that is not there.

I am worried about ---------because I see something that is not there.

Today's idea is useful for application to anything that seems to upset you, and can profitably be used throughout the day for that purpose.  However, the three or four practice periods which are required should be preceded by a minute or so of mind searching, as before, and the application of the idea to each upsetting thought uncovered in the search.

Again, if you resist applying the idea to some upsetting thoughts more than to others, remind yourself of the two cautions stated in the previous lesson:

There are no small upsets.

They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.


I cannot keep this form of upset and let the others go.

I will regard them as all the same.